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There are rules for framing sports collectibles: if they’re not framed properly they can fade or discolour, collect dust, and even grow mold and mildew!

Let’s say you’d like to frame your husband’s sports jersey from high school – is there anything you should watch out for?

You betcha!

The rules for protecting sports collectibles are the same as framing artwork: don’t let hubby’s DIY fixation allow him to get seduced by something he saw on Youtube or Instructables! Without an understanding of what can go wrong, he may unwittingly ruin his treasures!

First, make sure your framer is using only conservation grade materials and UV protected glass to protect your memories AND your investment (some of these sports jerseys cost big bucks!)

The cardinal rule of professional framing is: “First, do no harm”.

It’s NOT okay to silicone, glue, or tape anything!  Not only does it ruin any collector value, but it can accelerate the decaying process, allow bugs, mold and mildew to attack it, and if you ever want to update or reframe the piece…well, you can’t because these methods are permanent!

Framing should be completely reversible; that is, you should be able to remove it from its frame in its original, unaltered condition – whether it’s a work of art or a hockey jersey.

And for goodness’ sake, DON’T assume that you’re getting conservation and protection just because “they must know what they’re doing, they’re framers”…you need to ask for it, especially from “big box” framers.


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“Thank you for doing such a beautiful job of the framed jerseys”
Jeanie Dakers

Spruce Grove AB

“We just finished hanging that little jacket, and… it’s fantastic! You guys did such a great job; don’t know where to begin to thank you… so I will just say, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Ev Groot

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“Thanks so much, my prints are now alive!”
Bob Valiquette

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“It looks fantastic! I was not sure what the final result would look like. I was surprised at how great it all came together. The staff at Jackson’s did a great job of restoring our stained glass piece so that it’s ready to go back in our window. Thanks for all your expertise.”
Ian & Marta Moir

Yellowknife NWT

Jackson’s Gallery has done Custom Framing for Celebrities such as:

Pretty weird, huh?

How'd a framing shop in Spruce Grove get involved with all these American celebrities?!

  • Rock and TV star Gene Simmons
  • ‘Ironman’ Cal Ripken Jr
  • Best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen
  • Comedienne Joan Rivers
  • TV’s original Batman Adam West
  • NFL Superstar Emmitt Smith
  • Heavyweight Champ George Foreman
  • Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette
  • Entertainment Icon William Shatner

Karla's husband Owen Garratt is a world class artist who has done portraits for these luminaries; well, those portraits had to get framed somewhere... 😉

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  1. Jasmine Hewitt

    Thanks for pointing out that not all framers know what they are doing! I often make the mistake of thinking everyone who is ‘professional” actually is!

  2. Mick

    I learned the hard way with this. I set up my own man-cave in our basement. It is finished but has a drop ceiling and we still get critters down there. It turns out those silverfish bugs LOVE eating tape, glue, paper, and more. We had a bit of an infestation that I was not away of and because I used tape and glue to fix some frames, they ate away at it and eventually got inside and chewed up my collector’s edition comic books that I had framed in old shadowbox frames.

    • Karla Elder

      Oh no!

  3. David Keensly

    Great tips! I am helping my brother set up his sports-themed office and he has a ton of collector’s items. I wanted to make sure everything we do is done properly since his office will be underground where bugs and other pests are known to live. I don’t want to see anything get damaged.


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