Choosing Colours for Picture Framing Projects: a Quick Answer

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M ost people get a little stressed out at the thought of choosing colours for their custom picture framing project.

It’s the single biggest point of indecision our clients have: they’re unsure of “The Rules”…!

  • Should the colours match exactly?
  • Or should the colours just compliment?
  • Wait, or should the colours match more to the piece or to the environment it’s hanging in?!
  • Etc, Etc, Etc.

Technical framing expertise is only half of the equation; a good picture framer should also be able to help you design-wise.

But choosing colour doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and just because someone’s decided to hang an “I’m a picture framer” shingle or go to work for a “big box” picture framing retailer, that doesn’t automatically make them experts in taste!  🙂

The Colonel’s Quick and Dirty Rule if You’re Stuck

If you’re stuck and/or need something in a hurry you can always fall back on black; it’s neutrality ties in pretty much anywhere.

Black isn’t usually our first choice…but it’s hardly ever the wrong choice.


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Jackson’s Gallery has done Custom Framing for Celebrities such as:

Pretty weird, huh?

How'd a framing shop in Spruce Grove get involved with all these American celebrities?!

  • Rock and TV star Gene Simmons
  • ‘Ironman’ Cal Ripken Jr
  • Best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen
  • Comedienne Joan Rivers
  • TV’s original Batman Adam West
  • NFL Superstar Emmitt Smith
  • Heavyweight Champ George Foreman
  • Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette
  • Entertainment Icon William Shatner

Karla's husband Owen Garratt is a world class artist who has done portraits for these luminaries; well, those portraits had to get framed somewhere... 😉

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  1. Jasmine Hewitt

    I agree-i try to keep everything neutral as well. It tends to match better!


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