Dry Mounting 101

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I f you have something that you’d like framed that’s

  1. a little damaged, or
  2. not particularly valuable, then dry mounting may be the solution for you.

Dry mounting is a catch-all phrase generally referring to a two-dimensional item such as a map, poster, photograph, etc., which gets physically adhered to a mounting board – typically foamcore – before framing.

As opposed to wet mounting, which involves the application of glue, dry mounting involves a layer of mounting material infused with bonding agents which are put under pressure, and usually some heat, which fuses the item being mounted to the backing substrate.  It’s not done willy-nilly either; there’re various bonding agents, pressures, temperatures, and time spans which are dictated by the item being mounted.

Too much heat, incorrect pressure, or the wrong amount of time and everything gets ruined!  (Sounds like making a diamond, doesn’t it?)

Properly done, on proper equipment, dry mounting can help to smooth out any wrinkles, blemishes and bumps, so it helps to “bring back” items that need a little TLC.

However: dry mounting should NEVER be done on valuable or rare items because once it’s mounted, it’s permanent!  One of the cannons of the industry is ‘Do No Harm’, and this means that everything a framer does under the guise of conservation should be reversible.  (Be sure to download our free “Consumer’s Guide to Picture Framing: 7 things you NEED to Know!“)

If the item is damaged, then dry mounting can be okay, because the value is already diminished (unless it’s something SUPER valuable!), and if the item has no overt market or sentimental value, like a WalMart poster of the tweens vampire-movie-of-the-week, then dry mounting can be a quick, affordable alternative to proper conservation techniques.

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A Lot Can be Said in a Few Words…

Natasha Lefort

Stony Plain AB

Laurel Smith

Cold Lake AB

Arliss Liggett

Spruce Grove AB

“Absolutely unbelievable!!”
Guy Morin

Spruce Grove AB

Jackson’s Gallery has done Custom Framing for Celebrities such as:

Pretty weird, huh?

How'd a framing shop in Spruce Grove get involved with all these American celebrities?!

  • Rock and TV star Gene Simmons
  • ‘Ironman’ Cal Ripken Jr
  • Best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen
  • Comedienne Joan Rivers
  • TV’s original Batman Adam West
  • NFL Superstar Emmitt Smith
  • Heavyweight Champ George Foreman
  • Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette
  • Entertainment Icon William Shatner

Karla's husband Owen Garratt is a world class artist who has done portraits for these luminaries; well, those portraits had to get framed somewhere... 😉

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  1. Jasmine Hewitt

    This was helpful-there’s a few pieces I don’t care much about, then there’s some that are very valuable to me, and I don’t think i’ll be dry mounting them!

    • Karla Elder

      Sound thinking! 🙂


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