Court Mounting Military Medals

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T raditionally, there are two ways of mounting and displaying military medals – court mounting and swing mounting.

Swing mounting is pretty much outdated, but was a method of mounting medals on a uniform so that they swung and made a ‘clinking’ sound as the soldier marched.

“Court mounting” originated in Germany as a way to keep medals from rattling in court, and was eventually adopted by the British and later the Canadian Forces, among most others.

Although it may be optional as to how a soldier displays medals on their uniform (check first), court mounting is by far the more preferred method, and in most cases is mandatory when more than one medal is displayed.

Since the medals aren’t clinking against each other with every step, the finish on the medals is better protected. However, as the medals are affixed to the backing, the backside of the medal is no longer visible (which isn’t an issue if you’re having them framed).

There are VERY specific rules as to how medals are displayed, the ribbons used, etc. For instance, as medals are worn on the left, the medal with the highest precedence is positioned closest to the heart.

At Jackson’s Gallery, about 15 minutes from CFB Edmonton, we specialize in court mounting medals brought to us for framing: refinishing and varnishing the medals (if you want, some don’t), replacing worn ribbons and mounting them in the correct manner.

We can even frame them so they can be removed and worn for parades or events!

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  1. Jasmine Hewitt

    As a wife to a former marine, i’m so glad you know how to correctly display medals! it’s so important!

    • Karla Elder

      Yes indeedy!

  2. Ken

    Do you do embrodrie of CF military ribbons with a velcro backing? If so, how much for a 6 ribbon (2 levels) set? Thanks in advance.

  3. Charles Sleep

    I have the CD and UNDOF medals on court mount and later received the Peacekeeping Medal. I live in the Grande Prairie area and would like to ship the three to you for proper mounting together.

    • admin

      Best to give us a call 18004447055 Thanks!

  4. Jad Perry

    Do you carry Undress Ribbons?
    Do you sliding bars for undress ribbons? A 10 ribbon array.

    • admin

      Best to give us a call 18004447055 Thanks!

  5. Dennis R. Buckle

    Do you mount medals from USA, France and Belgium?

    • admin

      You bet! Drop us a line…


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