About Jackson’s

Why should you frame your treasures at Jackson’s Gallery and Engraving?

B ecause we have specialized knowledge and experience that makes us the pre-eminent Custom Picture Framing Shop in the Edmonton area!

Frankly; nobody has our unique combination of education, experience and good old-fashioned talent and work ethic.

Awards and Distinctions: it’s a big list and we’re proud of it!  National Championships…International Awards…Celebrities, and more!

The Colonel: Karla Elder is Parkland County’s ONLY Certified Picture Framer, but why does her husband call her ‘The Colonel’?

The Groovy Framing Elves ™: Santa’s been retooling his whole operation…and when it became apparent that there was going to be some elf labour on the market, we snagged em’!

The Spotty Internet Trolls ™: We keep the team that builds and maintains our websites hidden in the lowest dungeons, and for good reason…

The Pencilneck ®: Jackson’s is the Secret World Headquarters of award-winning, best-selling pencil artist Owen Garratt.

People Say the Nicest Things!

“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and I will enjoy it forever”
Sunshine Caron

Stony Plain AB

“The parcel arrived in plenty of time for our presentation. It was loved by all. Thank you for accommodating our short timeline. You are the best!”
Connie Nischuk

Calgary AB

“Truly impressed with your work and shop! Thank you!”
Linda Gustredch

“The pieces you framed are stunning! You framed the beaded artwork just as I had envisioned.”
Zena Diebert

Denzil SK

Jackson’s Gallery is located just outside Edmonton in fabulous Spruce Grove, Alberta

And We've Moved!

After much careful thought, soul searching, and consultation with our clients, we opted not to renew our retail lease, and decided to bring our operation home! (After all, our kids are little for just so long...)

We still offer the same world class service (in fact with our new laser engraver we do MORE), but we’re also home when The Boys come home from school!

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Even if you don't come in to see us at Jackson's Gallery and Engraving at least you'll fully understand picture framing and can avoid the pitfalls and make informed, intelligent decisions.

And don't forget about the free gift on page 22!

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