Jackson’s Rememberance Day Event!

Lest We Forget

For the entire month of November:  20% off framing on any Military Items – medals, uniforms, paperwork, etc!

Military memorabilia should be restored and shared with future generations.

Military service is one of the highest callings, and the stories behind the medals and other items deserve to be told.

We specialize in medals, but a lot of our clients have us create stunning collages commemorating our veteran’s experiences.

In addition to repairing and restoring medals, we’ve done pieces that included personal effects such as eyeglasses, cigarette cases, unit badges, compasses, belts and webbing, hats and caps, jackets, photographs, paperwork, ration books, flags, watches, and a memorable and heartrending collage of letters between a client’s grandma and grandpa while he was stationed overseas during The War.

So bring us that old drawer or box that’s been hidden away all these years and we’ll not only protect and preserve these treasures, but we’ll create a wonderful tribute to help future generations appreciate what’s been done for them.

We’re happy to extend our special to all branches of service: police, firefighters, medical etc.

To learn what ‘court mounting’ is, see our article https://jacksonsgallery.com/articles/preservation/court-mounting-military-medals/

Call Jackson’s today to book and appointment (recommended) @ 780.960.1215 or check out the ‘Request an Appointment’ page.

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