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A list of articles about custom picture framing, interior decorating, preservation, art and other tidbits of intrest!

How To Choose the Right Picture Frame

Getting the right picture frame is vital to the overall success of your custom framing piece, but with 1000’s of styles and a range of materials to choose from, how do you make the right choice? Essentially, choosing framing is a process of elimination. It’s overwhelming to see a wall of picture frames (at Jackson’s…

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Tips on Framing Sports Collectables

Let’s say you’d like to frame your husband’s sports jersey from high school – is there anything you should watch out for? You betcha! The rules for protecting mementos are the same as artwork: if they’re not framed properly they can fade or discolour, collect dust, and even grow mold and mildew. First, make sure your framer…

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Caring for Vacation Souvenir Canvas Paintings in Edmonton

Canvas paintings make excellent souvenirs from tropical holidays, but what’s the best way to take care of them back up here in drier Edmonton climes? Typically these canvasses are rolled up, and they should always be rolled with the paint to the ‘outside’.  It’s a bit counter-intuitive, as we think that it should be rolled…

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How do UV rays hurt artwork?

UV rays – a shortend term typically used to describe ultraviolet radiation fades artwork by breaking the chemical bonds of color molecules – known as photolysis. The more color molecules that break apart, the more the image fades. UV energy also ruins art and photographs by photo-oxidation, which can cause photographic prints to yellow or get…

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Dry Mounting 101

If you have something that you’d like framed that’s a little damaged, or not particularly valuable, then dry mounting may be the solution for you. Dry mounting is a catch-all phrase generally referring to a two-dimensional item such as a map, poster, photograph, etc., which gets physically adhered to a mounting board – typically foamcore –…

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Problems with Choosing White for Framing

Remember the TV commercial a year or two back where the wife hated all of the husbands choices of white paint and he muttered “I didn’t think white WAS a color”? White is probably the hardest color to match because there are tons of variations. Some are ‘warmer’, some are ‘cooler’ and they tend to…

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Court Mounting Military Medals

Traditionally, there are two ways of mounting and displaying military medals – court mounting and swing mounting. Swing mounting is pretty much outdated, but was a method of mounting medals on a uniform so that they swung and made a ‘clinking’ sound as the soldier marched. “Court mounting” originated in Germany as a way to keep medals…

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Choosing Colors for Picture Framing Projects: a Quick Answer

Can’t decide on colours for a framing project? Choices too overwhelming?  Need it NOW?! Technical framing expertise is only half of the equation; a good picture framer should also be able to help you design-wise. But choosing color doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and just because someone’s decided to hang a “I’m a picture framer” shingle…

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What’s so Important About a Dust Cover? Watch your back!

What’s so important about a dust cover?   It doesn’t seem like much protection does it? After all a dust cover is typically nothing more than a fitted sheet of paper that seals in the back of a picture frame – but it delivers a series of vital protections. Bugs It’s really no surprise that…

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Protect Your Framed Treasures from the Art Eaters!

You’re not alone in your admiration of that new framed treasure or work of art… There’s a whole litany of pests and vermin who’d love to start munching on your artwork: mice, book lice, worms, termites, various beetles and moths, flies, silverfish and loads more that would love to move into your art and start…

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