Protect Your Framed Treasures from the Art Eaters!

You’re not alone in your admiration of that new framed treasure or work of art…

There’s a whole litany of pests and vermin who’d love to start munching on your artwork: mice, book lice, worms, termites, various beetles and moths, flies, silverfish and loads more that would love to move into your art and start eating!

Silverfish thrive on starch, cellulose and paper.  Book lice (yuck), live on mold glues, cloth and leather, and we all know what termites can do.

And if these vermin don’t do the damage by eating, they leave eggs and larvae and even their excrement and dead carcasses can cause ruin.

You might not even know about an infestation until it’s too late!

We even had one repair job from a home that had occasional bats getting in, and they urinated on the artwork that was hung down the main hallway!  (double yuck!)

The alarm signal?

Stains and holes.

You should regularly dust the frame – front and back – and give it a quick look-over.

If you see ANY holes, tears or openings in the dust cover, you’ve got a problem: it’s like a welcome sign to invaders. (See our articles on dust covers here).

If you see any signs of insect or critter damage, wrap and seal the frame in a heavy garbage bag and bring it in for an assessment.

An unused garbage bag, please!