Tips on Framing Sports Collectables

Let’s say you’d like to frame your husband’s sports jersey from high school – is there anything you should watch out for?

You betcha!

The rules for protecting mementos are the same as artwork: if they’re not framed properly they can fade or discolour, collect dust, and even grow mold and mildew.

First, make sure your framer is using only conservation grade materials and UV protected glass to protect your memories AND your investment (some of these sports jerseys cost big bucks!)

The cardinal rule of professional framing is: “First, do no harm”.

It’s NOT okay to silicone, glue, or tape anything!  Not only does it ruin any collector value, but it can accelerate the decaying process, allow bugs, mold and mildew to attack it, and if you ever want to update or reframe the piece…well, you can’t because these methods are permanent!

Framing should be completely reversible; that is, you should be able to remove it from its frame in its original, unaltered condition – whether it’s a work of art or a hockey jersey.

And for goodness’ sake, DON’T assume that you’re getting conservation and protection just because “they must know what they’re doing, they’re framers”…you need to ask for it, especially from “big Box” framers.