Caring for Vacation Souvenir Canvas Paintings in Edmonton

Canvas paintings make excellent souvenirs from tropical holidays, but what’s the best way to take care of them back up here in drier Edmonton climes?

Typically these canvasses are rolled up, and they should always be rolled with the paint to the ‘outside’.  It’s a bit counter-intuitive, as we think that it should be rolled to the ‘inside’ to help protect against scuffing or chipping, but if the paint is on the ‘inside’ of the roll it can compress and crumble off!

Most of these canvasses come from the tropics and our drier Edmonton air can crack the paint if we’re not careful; and not to come off as self-serving here, 🙂  the best and safest place for any art is hung on a wall…plus everyone gets to enjoy it.

Canvasses should generally be stretched onto stretcher bars, which are the inexpensive wooden frameworks that canvasses are wrapped around.  This will stabilize the canvas so any further drying or curing shouldn’t affect the paint.

After stretching, you can have the painting framed, or hung on the wall as is!