How to Hang a Picture on a Brick Wall

Hanging art on a brick wall is a cinch!

All you need is 5 minutes, a drill, a hammer, those plastic anchor thingys and a common 1/2″ masonry bit!

Electric Drill
A ½” masonry drill bit
Plastic anchor sleeves

• Once you figure out where you want to hang your picture, drill into the mortar, NOT the brick.  The brick may crack and leave you with a whole new set of problems, whereas if mortar gets a crack it tends to stay within the mortar, which makes it easier to fix. Mortar is typically stronger than brick, but is easier to drill into.

• Make sure you know what’s behind the brick – you don’t want to drill into the flue or chimney of a fireplace, for instance.

• Drill a 1 inch deep hole into the mortar. If you’re no good at guessing how far an inch is, measure an inch on the bit and wrap some masking tape above that part and only drill in until you come up to the tape

• Blow the dust out of the hole and insert the plastic anchor sleeve. Be careful not to bind it, but a few light taps of the hammer should do fine.  Put it all the way in until the edge is flush with the wall.

• The anchors usually come with screws, but you may need to find one of your own.  Screw it into the anchor’s hole and leave the head of the screw sticking out ¼” or so.

• Hang your art by its hanging wire on the protruding screw, step back, and collect your accolades!